Based on a True Story

What does it take to hatch an airtight plan? Watching others fail at it on the silver screen of course.

When a couple of wanna-be criminals devise a solid plan to knock over a local bank there is only one thing standing in their way... themselves. Enter the not so shady underworld of petty hoodlums as they attempt to pull of the biggest job they could come up with all the while attempting to not get caught. Or killed. Or scammed. Or foiled.

Three idiots. Two days. One bank. The plan is foolproof.

Starring: Johnny McMahon, Carmine Rizzo, Robert Mark, Ron Dizon & Cindy "Black Angel" Peralta

Written, Directed & Edited by: Matt Raimo

Cinematography: David C. Diaz

© Briefcase Productions 2017

"War is an ugly beast."

When coming home from war only the body returns, the soul is left out on the field of combat to fend for itself. Will a chance encounter between a newly minted veteran and a woman of the cloth be enough to keep this old war-house from going over the edge? Or will this sister in faith become enveloped by the darkness she has allowed in?

Starring: Alfredo Diaz, Kieran Sequoia & Leo Petry

Written by: Matt Raimo

Directed & Edited by: David C. Diaz

© Briefcase Productions 2016

After the sudden death of his mother, Julian, is forced to move from the only home he's ever known in the countryside of Mendoza, Argentina to the bustling capital city of Buenos Aires to live with his aunt, his only remaining family. In an attempt to get back on his feet he aids his aunt at her church which houses substance abuse meetings. It is there that troubled young woman, Marcela, catches Julian's eye.

Despite warnings from his aunt, Julian accepts the offer to see all that Buenos Aires has to offer on the arm of Marcela. While everything is heading in the right direction for the two a chance phone call and several dark secrets threaten the fabric of their relationship.

Written by: Robert Dume & Matt Raimo

Cinematography, Directed & Edited by: David C. Diaz

© Briefcase Productions 2015

What happens when two contract killers cross paths?

Like time and tide, death waits for no man. Especially if that man is a revered contract killer. 

Originally made for the  100 Hour Grand Prix Film Festival in 2008 under very particular guidelines "Kharon's Fare" became the launching point for what would become Briefcase Productions. A soup to nuts production created entirely in 100 hours "Kharon's Fare" is the perfect showcase of Raimo's writing and Diaz's cinematography and directorial prowess.

Starring: Joel Vetsch and Leo Petry.

Written by: Matt Raimo

Cinematography, Directed & Edited by: David C. Diaz

© Briefcase Films 2008