"Steve McQueen"

Originally created for a contest held by the composing artist, M83, "Steve McQueen" was shot and edited by David C. Diaz. It is a personal favorite of the Briefcase Productions team.


"Papeles" for Dale Duro Records.

"Gimmie Mine"

Featuring Fighter/Trainer Mike Chirico from Westchester Fight Club

Directed by David C. Diaz Edited by El Ché

Camera by David C. Diaz  & Matt Raimo

Fight Footage Provided by Chazz Menendez

"Coffins of Love"

After a 4 year hiatus the core of the group that is MILLSTED put their bullshit aside and came back together to see if they still had what it takes to perform live. As you can see for yourself they still got it, Ladies and Gentlemen I bring to you the almighty MILLSTED...

*Recorded live on Decemeber 22nd, 2012 from The Gutter in NYC

"Car Bomb Derby"

Here is another Clip form the MILLSTED reunion show, Car Bomb Derby was off their 2nd EP.

*Recorded live on December 22nd, 2012 from The Gutter in NYC


The Official Video for the first single off of the album "Harlem" by Millsted.

* Shot & Edited entirely by El Che

"La Conosco"

Music Video For Tonne Miyaggie

Directed by David C. Diaz

"Live From the 1-0"

"Live From the 1-0" by John Skiiz Valor